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Are you looking for the best gym in Gainesville, VA? Whether you are looking for a new gym to call home or you are simply visiting the area and want to get a workout in – we got you covered!

Gainesville, VA, is home to several gyms that provide a variety of exercise equipment, classes, personal training services, spa options, and more. Infinite Performance Training is one of the top personal training companies in Gainesville, VA

While we have dedicated gym space for our clients, we also recognize some people would like to look for a gym membership. Since we are experts in the field, we decided to put this list together to help everyday people like yourself with locating a gym near you!

Best Gym Gainesville VA Quick List:

  1. Onelife Fitness
  2. Life Time
  3. Orangetheory Fitness
  4. Burn Boot Camp
  5. Infinite Performance Training

The 5 Best Gyms in Gainesville, VA!

Please note that this list includes factors such as reviews, affordability, and our own experiences. When joining a gym, we always recommend that you decide what your goals are and utilize those needs to find the best gym for you. Of course, if you are looking for a personal trainer, we can help; simply reach out to CJ and Infinite Performance Training below! We are rated one of the best personal trainers in Gainesville, VA!

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1. Onelife Fitness

Formerly called Sport & Health, Onelife Fitness, located off Heathcote Blvd., is one of the longer-standing gyms in Gainesville, VA, with the original location not far from Infinite Performance Training headquarters on Limestone. According to ONelife’s website, their Gainesville, VA location offers a 5,400 sq ft expanded functional turf and strength training area with new squat racks, deadlift platforms, dumbbells, benches, and a cage jungle gym. They also renovate the basketball court to provide more weight-lifting space for its members. Regarding affordability and options, Onelife gets the nod as our best gym in Gainesville, VA. 

2. Life Time Gainesville

Life Time is an “Athletic Country Club” that offers your standard gym experience with all the other amenities such as a pool, water slide, spa services, steam rooms, and more. Offering what they call “Luxury Amenities,” the Life Time Gainesville, VA, location is regarded as one of the best gyms. However, they might not be the best fit for you if you’re someone who prefers an intense workout and a rougher feel. Life Time can be seen as a higher-class gym, and their membership dues match! 

3. Orangetheory Fitness Gainesville, VA

Organtheory Fitness utilizes the group class approach in Gainesville, VA, to help you burn calories and push your fitness levels. The pricing structure varies depending on how many classes you want to take, and the franchise can be found all over the United States. If you are someone who needs motivation from others to help you maximize your workouts, Orangetheory is always a great option! The downside is that their gym is created so that you can utilize designated class times, which can mean it is a bit more expensive to be a member! 

4. Burn Boot Camp

If you are looking for a group fitness class designed for women (men can participate too), then Burn Boot Camp is a great choice. While not a “Gym” per se, Burn is a challenging 45-minute workout that focuses on pushing you to burn calories and work hard. Located in Gainesville, VA the Burn classes start as early at 5:00 Am and end at 6:30 PM most days. 

5. Infinite Performance Training

You might be wondering why we would list ourselves last on our own list, but we have a reasonable explanation. Unlike the previous gyms on this list, we serve exclusively as a personal training and athlete training center in Gainesville, VA. While we fall under the category of a gym, here at Infinite Performance Training, we don’t have gym memberships in the traditional sense. 

Our services include one-to-one personal training, athlete training, online training, and custom coaching. If you are looking for the best gym in Gainesville, VA that can offer personal training – this is where we shine! 

To learn more about our personal training services or to setup a free consultation, simply reach out to CJ and the team below: 

The Verdict – 

We hope this list of the best gyms helps you with your search. Our approach to crafting this list was to give every reader a little insight to each gym so you can make an educational decision. If you want to play basketball and hang by the pool, LifeTime Gainesville is your best bet. If you’re looking to lift heavy and come and go as you please, Onelife is an excellent choice. And of, of course, if you’re looking for class options, Burn and Orangethrory are always great options. 

For those who are looking for personal training or have student-athletes who need next-level training, we can help you! See below how we provide the best training around the Gainesville, VA area!

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