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“I love working out with Cj. I noticed that it has helped me a lot with my agility and it is a lot of fun. It’s helped me a lot my first year playing football with my footwork and speed and being able to juke people out. It has helped me also help my team make it to the playoffs this year and also be the team captain.”

Personal Training Client
Mason "Honeybadger"

When I started working out with CJ I knew I was not in the best shape. I needed to lose weight, lose body fat, and build muscle. As a triathlete and a runner it’s very important to have the muscle and the strength to compete. Over the last few years I’ve really started to see the difference. My times have gotten faster in my mile by 2-3 minutes per mile. My swim time has improved by 30 seconds per lap due to the increase in my back and arm muscles. I was able to finish a total of 17 races last year (for the first time ever) to include my first half Ironman at the age of 49. CJ incorporates my cardio schedule set by my triathlon coach which allows me to train at my full potential every training day. I do not know any other trainer who will work so closely with his athletes. Thanks to him I’m in the best shape of my life right now! I can’t imagine training with anyone else.

Personal Training Client

In high school I could dunk a basketball. As an adult I couldn't. Not only did CJ help me dunk again, but after training with him I shed over 15 pounds and I feel stronger than ever!

Personal Training Client
Hunter M.

“Cj has been incredibly positive and patient with our son, Keegan. He has helped Keegan overcome occupational difficulties and improve his coordination and strength. Keegan struggles with focusing and in group settings, but Cj has taken the time to work through even some of our son’s tough test days. Keegan absolutely loves coming to work out with Cj, and looks forward to every weekend. It’s been amazing watching our big guy grow by leaps and bounds.

Student Athlete Parent
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251 Purple Sunset Avenue
Brooklyn, BXY 92101

251 Purple Sunset Avenue
Brooklyn, BXY 92101


Infinite Performance Training is one of the best training centers in Gainesville, VA for student athletes looking to take it to the next level! We also specialize in helping adults reach their fitness goals too!

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